About Launched.

Ten Years, Three major transformations and One core set of values.

Meet Oliver.

The founder and MD of Launched, Oliver is obsessed with customer experience & product marketing. In 2013 Oliver launched his own brand exclusively on Amazon in the UK & US. That brand was sold in 2015 and since then Oliver has focussed himself on building and using the skills he acquired to help exceptional brands reach the highest level they can. With a unique eye for product positioning and a strong understanding of data & analytics, Oliver has been able to find exceptional success for his clients over the last 6 years.

Outside of Launched Oliver enjoys time with his wife & daughters and is dedicated to several local charitable organisations focussed on providing support to children with Autism, a condition his eldest daughter was diagnosed with at 3 years old. This dedication continues to be strengthened due to the successes of Launched with their growing CSR programmes. 

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Ten Years.

In 2013 learning began that paved the way for what evolved into Launched. Those lessons shaped what we do and why we do it.

Operating a brand on all major and emerging marketplaces it quickly became apparent that Amazon is the best-equipped marketplace in the world for brands with an exceptional ability to match customer needs better than anybody else. That's why we exclusively manage Amazon.

Talking to business and brand owners about Amazon it was obvious there is a significant skill gap between what people know and what's required to be successful on Amazon and that realistically it requires a whole team of highly skilled individuals to make it work properly. Most businesses cannot justify that cost or find the proper talent to make it work successfully. That's why we primarily offer Full Service Account Management over coaching, strategy planning or software solutions.

Offering white-label services quality was inconsistent and accountability and responsibility were rare. It made growth for clients much harder to create and even harder to maintain. That's why we will never use and freelancers or outside agencies to deliver our services.

Working with software solutions we were able to cut down hundreds of hours worth of admin every week but we discovered lots of missed opportunities that software isn't creative enough to find. That's why we developed our own in-house software and use it alongside human creativity to generate the best possible results.

Working with over 300 brands worldwide there are clear common trends amongst those that are able to generate incredible success both in and outside of Amazon. High product quality, serious focus on customer retention and experience, positive problem-solving attitudes and an ego-free environment. That's why when we look at onboarding new clients it's much more than just a tick-box exercise.

In total there are over 200 lessons that the Launched team have documented and we continually look to find more lessons and correct outdated ones that will allow us to perform better and create an environment for staff and for clients that breeds happy, motivated & exceptionally talented individuals.

Three Transformations.

Day One 2013: Operating out of our founder's childhood bedroom, that 3x3m Box is our ground zero. Focussed on providing customers with superior quality and more value for money than any of the competing beauty products available at the time through all online UK & US marketplaces.

Day One 2015: Studying the things he loved and excelled at from running his first brand, Oliver set up Graceful, a full-service Amazon agency. Helping beauty & tech brands excel on Amazon in the UK & US. Our first piece of in-house software was developed and we got moving...

Day One 2021: The birth of Launched™ was more than just a rebrand to a more representative name than "Graceful". With it came a development in operation meaning no longer working with freelancers or outside agencies to deliver our services. Focussing completely on bringing in staff and training them to an exceptional level of talent. Solidifying our claim to being the number one Full Service Amazon agency worldwide.

One Core Set of Values.

Throughout its life, Launched has had one true core set of values and beliefs that drive everything we do. They are the laws that we abide by in how we operate and who we work with. Many things change in this world, but one thing that remains consistent with us is always that key set of values.

Keep it simple. Overdeliver. Always be honest Make decisions based on data Help those that deserve it

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